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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Busy Busy Busy!

O.k. I know I am not a regular at this, but what can I say?  I work more than 40 hours a week most weeks, I make cake(usually 2 or 3(some tiered) a week), and I am an active Jaycee member.  By the way did I mention I am also a wife and mother to teenagers!  So you can fully understand why I am not a daily blogger or even a weekly blogger.  I hope to change that, but we shall see.
Unfortunately I did not win the prize for the cupcake challenge. Very disappointed, because taste could have won it for me.  Oh well, guess I just have to make them even better for the next challenge for winter!  So watch out Hoosier Homemade, you haven't seen the last of my cupcakes yet!  Congratulations go out to all of the winners and submitters!  There were some really yummy looking cupcakes!
Last weekend I went to the Missouri Jaycee Fall State Meeting.  It was a blast.  I got to meet other Jaycees who are interested in making this world a better place!  Can't wait for the winter meeting!  Currently our local chapter is involved in making the haunted house for our town!  So check out our website It may not be updated yet, but keep watch!  We have really scared the pee out of some!  I know that sounds gross, but it is so very true!  I started our Community Garden this year.  I learned a lot this spring and summer.  The number one thing I learned you ask...put up a fence!  The deer had a buffet of plants and when they finally left the plants alone, the veggies!  There were cucumbers still attatched to the vines, mostly eaten!  I did get to make a few small donations to our local food banks.  The main thing that grew were zucchini.  And they grew big, almost too big!
Also, I want you to check out I am hosting 2 parties in one this weekend.  House Party sends you things for free so you and your friends can try these things out and have fun.  Sometimes they are to actually learn something!  My best house party was from Ball canning supplies!  I got everything a person would need to start canning!  It was awsome!
I need to be scooting on.  I have cakes to start tomarrow.  Ugh, I have work too.  I have a recipe I need to post, so hopefully I will be back soon!

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